Texas Governor Buses Illegal Immigrants To N.Y.& NYC Mayor Puts Them Up At 5***** Hotels Sticks Taxpayers With The Bill



  Texas Governor Abbott Bused Around 3,000 Illegal Immigrants To The Biggest Sanctuary City NY.C.

I had to fly into NYC on Buisness This Past Weekend and stayed at a dump with a beautiful view of my car right outside bedroom window.

My Hotel Type

My Hotel All I Can Afford

Why? Because at $900 for 3 days that all that I can afford..Mind you I  grew up here in America..attended school here in America put on a khaki suit for Uncle Sam and that’s all that I can afford.This Illegal Immigrants will bill entitled to SSI at $1000 bucks a month an enhanced Medicaid, $1,800 relocation free per person in their immediate family free college tuition and a subsidized apt for 3 to 6 years.

The new NYC Mayor seems no different that his predecessor..

The new woke liberals have their priorities all messed up..


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