Mental Health Made The Scapegoat For Gun Control

         Mental Health Has Been Made The Scapegoat For Volence Perpetrated With Commission Of a Firearm. Both Political Parties Agreed To this new Legislation Squarely Puting Blame on Mental Health. While Those Who Go On a Shooting Spree May Be Not In Sound Mind Mental Health is A Cop Out For The […]

America’s Population Is Moving South

          As Crime..High Taxes And Climate Change Continues To Wreck Havock On America’s East Coast  It’s Population Is Migrating South. I’m The Last Quarter Decade Retirees Have Chosen Florida..Texas & The Carolinas As Their New Home. 30 Years Ago You’d Be Hard Pressed To Find Anyone Other Than Jews.. Italians Retiring […]

Sky Rocketing Rents Along With Out Of Control Insurance Rates Will Stop the Growth Of Florida And Ruin It For Desantis

   Desantis Kept Florida Alive..Kept It Open. However If He Doesn’t Impose Some Sort of Rent Control And Curb The insurance  Companies Operating In Florida He’s Going To Kill The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg And kiss Away Any Presidential Aspersions. What He Did With Florida All During The Covid Crisis Was Beyond Fantastic. […]


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