Florida’s West Coast Down For The Count And May Be Done

Florida’sWest Coast seems to be down for the count.Experts are really not sure with all the climate change if the path of future Hurricanes along with its intensidy  will become a regularl acurance. Insurance companies plan to nickel and dime the policy holders They’re going to fight every homeowner tooth and nail on any payout […]

U.S.Sentator Chris Van Hollen Has His Priorities Messed Up

      Chris Van Hollen   Chris Van Hollen has his facts confused in as far as the Israel is concern.He seems to be laboring under a misguidance where Israel is concerned as being the aggressor in this Israeli- Palestinian conflict.To begin with Israel is a sovereign nation. With The Oslo Accords firmly in […]

Doctors Commiting Wide Systemic Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Which Remains Rampant All Over America

     Doctors all across America are basically having Carte Blanche From Medicare& Medicaid By Summiting False Claims and Getting a Rubber Stamp on payment.Doctors are having their Billing Dept.Double Bill,Bill Twice & calling procedures by a different name.They usually send out the bogus bill with the same day of service of a previous bill […]

Raid On Trumps Estate Will Only Serve To Galvanize Republican Voters

© Giorgio Viera/AFP/Getty Images   This bizarre unprecedented raid on Trumps Mar a Lago Estate will only serve to Galvanize Republican Voters.New territory has been chartered which basically was almost paramount to a no knock warrant against a former President which we only can say Simple Shameful that no words can truly  describe. Sad Thing […]

High Cost Of Homeowners Insurance Has Halted The Exodus To Florida..

       Property  tax insurance in the state of Florida is staggering.It could be as much as anywhere from.”6,000 to the sky’s limit.The expected Exodus to Florida never really materialized. Home and Apartment owners raised the roof on resale homes ,new construction and house rentals also tripled lol hopping to reap windfall profits..The rate […]

JFK Assassination International Herold’s New Theory

Public domain   We all saw the JFk Assignation Clip In Which We See Jackie Kennedy Attempting To Flee The Limos Back Seat. We now Believe That There Was Never Actually Any Sniper Or Even A 2nd Rifleman. We were bombared with the Press constantly mentioned new words into our lexicon”The Grassy Knoll”and “The Book […]


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