U.S.Sentator Chris Van Hollen Has His Priorities Messed Up

      Chris Van Hollen


Chris Van Hollen has his facts confused in as far as the Israel is concern.He seems to be laboring under a misguidance where Israel is concerned as being the aggressor in this Israeli- Palestinian conflict.To begin with Israel is a sovereign nation.

With The Oslo Accords firmly in hand Isreal is playing by the rules.

Anytime Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh are unhappy they will act as Rable Rousers and steam up their band of rouges and start rioting burning a starting a small intifida.Just take a look at this clip and see if Israel has a partner in peace..

At first let us stop the confusion right now.Both The Israelis and Palestinians are both signatories to the Oslo Achords.Like we mentioned it has been signed and thats all the Palestinian Arabs are getting Oslo Oslo Oslo

For Senator Chris Van Hollen to drag the price tag of Uncle Sams help to Israelis is even a low shot even for him.No other nation has to bear Uncle Sams price tag on thier back the way the Israeli s had to do.

Uncle Sam has financed many regimes and helped in war but Israel is allways remined of the cost..no other nation has that desinction..Let Senator Chris Van Hollen take a look what going on in France ,Germany and England and take a vacation from dissecting Israel.

Insteas of putting the pressure on The Israeli Govt start  leveraging these two Palestinian leaders to live up to  Oslo.

Where is Schumer in all this bru ha ha.

Why isnt he not squarely in Israels corner why is his voice being so conspicuously absent?

International Herold

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