Indictment Against Trump Makes Our American Democracy Look Bad

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Lets make this short and Sweet and Directly To The Point…If Government can go after A Former President Plus Whoses An Extremely Rich Man At That Then What Chance Has The Average Joe And Jane Have Who Do Not Have A Impressive Resume Of Being A Former President And Big Bankroll Of A Captain Of Industry Have?

You Don’t Want Trump in The Race For The Oval Office Than Beat Him On Election Day Not When His Turn To Be On The Docket

Now While Anyone Can Commit A Crime..This indictment is A Political Which Hunt Just To Keep Donald Trump Off Of The 2024 Presidential Ballot.


DeSantis Most Proberly Be On A National Ticket With Trump As His V.P. Pick

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It is our early opinion that  Governor Ron DeSantis will be picked as Trumps running mate in the 2024 Presidential Election.

While DeSantis’ popularly remains firm withen those Republicans in both houses of Congress he has littoe to no support on a national basis..that distinction gies hands down to Trump.

By Trump adding DeSantis to the ticket puts a lock on Republican Party support that he lacks otherwise with a different candidate.

The only opsticle is perhaps that both are Floridians.

We heard that Trump has a New Jersey and New York residence that he can implement at any time so this is not a hurdle at all.

Florida Democrat Party leadership would like nothing more than to see DeSantis. ride into D.C. and budding a fond farewell to the Sunshine State.

Truth if the matter is all homeowners in Florida are virtually up in arms with DeSantis over his basicallt what many call his capitulation to the insurance industry on homeownership insurance.

Many Florida homeowners are going bare without any insuring their homes which is basically $6 ,000 for a $200,000 home ans tgat figure increases proportionally as the properly value goes up.

If a hurricane or a natural disaster occurs and lets say rips the roof right off of tg2e houses good bye life savings

The. DeSantis signed Florida Insurance Bull is the only “ABORTION” that gets DeSantis approval.

We predict that Florida Democrat party big wigs will lay low on supporting any Democrat Party nominee as to insure DeSantis and any Republican leadership in Tallahassee.

Florida in our estimation will become tve nations bigest welfare state in tve Union once Democrats control the Governors mansion.

As we said in previous posts defunted vacant golf courses with dot the entite Florida East Coast will be plowed over the make way for low cost housing .Each 2 acres?oer hole inclusing fareway a greena can accomadate minihm of 600 rental units times 18 holes will mane way for up to at least 15 to 20,000 multipy that by minimum of 4 people per households and that will add 80, 000 People to each former golf course

How will the state pay fir a this and the added Schools needed with this massive undertaking? Exspect seniors will kiss goodbye their property tax abatement and workers should most proberly welcome a new state income tax on wages

International Herold

What May Concern Roger Waters?

A good friend of ours who is a prominent Psychiatrist who maintains an upscale practice in Manhattan in addition is an adjunct Professor in leading Ivy League school in Psychiatric studies once told us that when someone lashes out unprovoked and verbally and knocks a particular person or group ..they are usually suffering from.some kind of inadequacy issue..such as a grown man with a rather small penis or also as a man having little or no facial hair like just like a woman..though we’re not accusing him of the above..However  any number of Shrinks would have a genuine field day analyzing him on their chaise lounge. 

Lipid’s Capitulation To Biden’s Presure is Detrimental To The Exsistance Of The Jewish State

It’s one thing for Lapid to throw in the towel but why is the Knesset an the Israeli High Court Tochus Lichting this Abortion Of A Deal With Lebanon?

There remains and old Yiddish exoressuon rhat We’ll apply to.Lapid it originally was intended dir. Co signer of a bank loan but we will use it here fir Lapuda shameful signing to Lebanon getting 100% of the Off shore Gas Deal

It called “A SHMUCK WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN”In a few short years if there is no longer an Israel it’ll be cause if a a few feckless politicians were overly concerning with not rucfling the feathers of foreign leaders who never had any compassion for Israel or Jews.So let them wake up today and ger their act togetger before its to late

Isreal better have some fantastic contingency plans ready as war is imminent.If and when that should ever happenthete will of shirt hitting the fan.Israel will havw many fronts.Once enemy combatants have boots on the ground in Israel ot could be game over.We sincerely hope that carpet bombing of some kind is on Israel’s agenda

Once enemy combatants boots are on Israeli soil it is game over

Israel will not get a do over or second chance.

Time to start thinking about repatriatimg the entire Arab Population. Arab MK’s spoke their true sentiments and uteted everg Arabs true feelings when they praised the recent murdering Terrorists.

Now the Biden Administration is rearing it’s ugly head and pressuring Netanyahu who and who he can’t or shouldn’t put in his cabinet this is totaly unexceptional.Biden is also having the FBI run an investigation into a reporters death..a real hachet job.Time for American Jews to wake up and Israeli leaders to grow a set

Florida’s West Coast Down For The Count And May Be Done

Florida’sWest Coast seems to be down for the count.Experts are really not sure with all the climate change if the path of future Hurricanes along with its intensidy  will become a regularl acurance.

Insurance companies plan to nickel and dime the policy holders They’re going to fight every homeowner tooth and nail on any payout of their insurance policies.Dual Winds are just one of the technical stipulations and road blocks that their putting up.

Construction Materials such as windos will be up to a year on back order.To make matters even worse is that Homeowners have to wait for any insurance payout to purchase any materials and such tp repair thier homes.

What about all the new construction that was in process being built and was destroyed by Hurricane Ian? Where does the new buyer stand in getting any refund or assurances that their homes will be completed in any timely fashion?.What Developer will now feel comfortatable investing in any future or presnt construction?Florida growth has been stopped cold.Bottom line all over the state people are forgoing to insure thier homes at a minimum cost of $6.000 a year


Floridas Future At The Crossroads… Possible Loss Of Retirment Community’s Tax Abaitment & Repeal Of No State Income Tax About to Sink The State.


            The New Yorker


We say this with a heavy heart.Florida will cease as a retirement state in 10 short years if the GOP looses the Governors office to the Democrats. As we are now witnessing a hell of a lot of new commercial construction going up. Builders must have some indicators that the general public are not privy too.

We are witnessing million of dollar homes on golf coarses now under  assault by developers and properly owners.

 The developers are looking to build section 8 low cost housing on the vacant spaces on these golf courses.You see todays seniors for the most part no long play golf as thet find it uninteresting pastime and have no business playing it anymore.

Hense these coures are obsolete fixtures as any entertainment sourse that todays senior use.

Let us remind everyone this is an abundance of available land that large building projects can be better believe it..its all of these golf course that lay fallow today.

A recent situation of this sort played out in Lake Worth.A Judge put a stop order in it but when all the yelling dies down in a year can bet your bottom dollar the sale will go through.Defunct Golf Course are dotting the entire Florida landscape its only matter of time that section 8 housing pops up all throughout  and amoung every retirement community.

Let us explain the increase in population of these new dwellers will bring….

First of all each golf hole could allow 300 apartments thats 5,400 units per golf course.An average family of 4 means that there could be up tp 21,600 people living in that former golf course space all of which all be section 8 ( those who dwell withen these premises pay as subsidized rent scale and pay no taxes.

More scholls have to be built more sanatation garbage pick up and recycling more deptartments all put on the backs of the taxpayers.Seniors kiss goodbye your tax abaitments and workers cam exspect less income as new payroll tax taken out from their weekly checks.

Who will foot the tax bill.There are well over thousands of defunt or near defunct golf courses state wide.

We are witnessing an open border policy with over a million people allowed in if we may term it the border turnstyle and God only knows how many crossing over the 1,000 mile stretch of the Mexican US Border. Low wage workers will move to another state. Homeowners will endure a great loss on their equity as their properity values plummet at sale time..The major media outlets wont tell you this..we just did.

We are seeing a circus style  show by the Governors of Texas and Florida bussing 50 immigrates to a sanctuary city .what a joke .Thats a photo opp as far as we are concerned.Tranfer a half a million but 50 is just B.S.

Right now Florida taxes the vacationers to death with a barrage of taxes and fees to halt implementation of any state income taxes on workers.

Low level salary workers will pick stakes and move to bording states.Buisness’s too will relocate to another state.No more vacationers the bread and butter of Florida’s income … no more retirerees good bye Florida.