Beware Beware Beware A Word To The Wise All Doctors Patients Watchout For The Nurses CUE Examination!

  We Feel It’s DutyTo Enlighten Our Readership To A New Gestapo Tactic That Doctors Practices Are Using..It’s Called The Nurses CUE Exam.
When Ever A Doctor Wants To Get Rid Of A Patient For Any Reason They Employ This Abusive Tactic. Usually Thing The Patient Did Nothing Wrong Was That They Picked The Wrong Practice To Use.
Nine Out of Ten Times The Doctor Messed  Up Big Time.
Perhaps The. Doctor Misdiagnosed The Patient Or Prescribed  Either The Wrong Medication Or Dose
The Doctor Has To Protect Himself So They Got To Put The Negligence Onto  The Patient.
Here’s What Occurs ..A Registered Nurse From His Practice Will Come Into The Examination Room Like Gangbusters.This Nurse Will Brandish A Pen And An Incompleted Form.
Let Us Warn Everyone That If And When This Ever Happens To You Tell Them Immediately”I’m Not Answering Any Questions Period”..And Pick Your Self Up And Leave.


Whatever A Doctor Writes In Your Chart Is like India Ink It’s Indelible In Other Words It’ Becomes A Permanent Part Of Your Chart And is Considered”A State Record”.
This Nurses CUE Exam Remains To be The Most Unscientific Thing On Earth.Howevers Each And Every The Medical Group Will Tell Everyone That It Is As Accurate As Any Radiology Image And Lab Workup Results..What Hogwash!
The Sole And Only Purpose Of This This Gestopoesk Exam Is to Neutralize Their Own Negligence Or Abuse And  Destroy And Validity To Their Patients Complaints.
It Is A Ten Minute Cross Examination More Paramount To An Inquisition.The RN Will Ask Question After Question. They Will Ask You Questions Of A  Personal Nature That Would Make A Sailor Blush As They Proceed To Drag You From Pillar To Post.
You Are In No Way Obligated To Submit To This  Exam.
 Our Advice Is Don’t Answer Any Questions At All As It’s Not To Your Benefit.
The Nurse Will Do A High Tech Hatchet Job On You..You Better Believe It.
They Love To Demonstrate Their Method As Correct My Telling Everyone That Nurse Knows When A Baby Is Hungry When The Baby Cry’s And Puts Thier Hand To Thier
Their Assumptions Are In No Way Scientific But An Art At Best An Art And A Misguided Poor One At That Remember The Goal Is To Hurt You..Not Help You.
We Don’t Know About You Will Stick To Lab Results And Good Old Fashion Radiology Images.
The AMA Must Put An End To Theses Charlatans And Their Vicious Unscientific Bag Of Tricks The Sooner The Better!




*Laws May Be Different In Every State

War In Ukraine..In The End Israel’s Safety Will Be Sacrificed


Putin has repeatedly said that the sanctioned concerning any and all dealings with Iran must be taken off the table.
When we hear that a diplomatic solution is the only way out of this mess We worry that Israel will become the international Scape Goat.
This will allowing Putin to rear his ugly head as power broker in the Middle East.
The sanctions must remain intact.
Putin has enlisted Syrian Jet fighter pilots and Assassins from Chechnya to come to The Ukraine to do his dirty work.. Nothing is off the table with these Chechnya fighters 
They will literally butcher the civilian population no holds barred.

Time for Biden to Sh-t or get off the pot.Emplement a no fly zone ..send on NATO troops ..stop the Russian convoy on it’s 40 mile trek into the Ukraine.As nearly Two Million Refugees crossing over into Continue reading

We Hate To Say This But Trump And Desantis Are Throwing Their Presidential Aspersions In The Garbage..

Trumps a very smart fellow.When he sits down one on one with an interviewer you can see he has head on his shoulders..
 However when he’s on front of one of his rallys he goes into Rable Rouser mode attracting the worst eliminates of the Republican Party.He plays both ends to the middle..He wants all the fringe elements of the far right White supremacists and such along with the mainstream Republicans . Lately he’s making a fool of himself.Yes we also reported several years before he took the run for POTUS that The E.Un should foot the lions share of N.A.T.O.but right now praising Putin and showing a lack of compassion..We’d call a major charactor flaw.
DeSantis also is coming apart at the seems.
We also have our suspicions that the Neo Nazi’s that was at overhead on the Hyway perhaps was a left set up. Still he could have handled it with a better choice of words by condemning Disturbed Act first and come across as its all about him.Plus the chiding of the masked students in that tone was not called for.
We’ll say this Nicky Halley is sitting on a good position now..and it’s worry time for both of them.Time for them to get their act together toot sweet.
DeSantis also is coming apart at the seems.
We also had our suspicions that the Neo Nazi’s that was at overhead on the Hyway perhaps was a left set up. Still he could have handled it with a better choice of words by condemning Disturbed Act first and come across as its all about him.Plys the chiding of the masked students in that tone was not called for
He will get no bump in the Polls for making Jerusalem Israel’s capital.We now know the heavy price that Israel must pay ..An Palestinian State including their own Army..This was kept on a low profile basically out of the public eye by himself and Netanyahu for selfish purposes.The Genie is now out of the bottle.
We’ll say this Nicky Halley is sitting on a good position now..and it’s worry time for both of them.Time for them to get their act together toot sweet.

Did Elvis Have A Large Jaw Resembling That Of The Hadsburg Dynasty

 Elvis under went plastic surgery early on on his career..He was part of a legendary studio Recording  Group consisting of Johnny Cash..Jerry Lee Lewis Carl Perkins and Himself on Sun Records.
Originally the nod to become Mr.Rock  & Roll.was slated to go to Carl Perkins.Infortunatly for Carl Perkins he was on an Aciddent and broke both Arms so Elvis was taped to replace him
Elvis had a Nose Job plus had all his teeth capped and we suspect perhaps even more.Hair was dyed looks like his was straightened as well.
We believe the reason for the long side urns was to distract from his elongated Jaw

Below Elvis Before Plastic Surgery

Pose After Plastic Surgery Notice His Chin Tucked To Hide Jaw


Here is a short clip from the  Dorsey Brothers Show a year before he is famous debut on The Ed Sullivan Show I’m 1956 As one can clearly see he was matinee idle.
We neither own or have the rights to it but display it for entertainment purposes only and we make no profit from it’s showing..

His jaw was very big sort of like Jay Leno’s or

Drew Barrymore’s

and Tommy James of Tommy James as in The Shondell fame



We’ve  only noticed this lately but when ever Elvis was Photographed or filmed the viewing audience always saw him straight on direct Center never Profile or Semi profile and When it did come to a profile shot his jaw was shadowed by the photographer  as to mask the depth of his Jaw

Elvis Presley | NBC / Contributor

When he was on stage he was always featured wearing a large cape to Hide his big jaw.
Watch his old movies and clips and see for yourself.*
A Habsburg jaw is a specific facial deformity that is marked by a very elongated and prominent lower jaw. Joseph I, Charles I of Spain, Leopold Wilhelm and Charles II all had it. Nine successive generations of the Habsburg family had this pronounced jawline, which is why it came to be known as the Habburg Jaw


Bartholomew Bitsko Online Editor

Just How Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

The Lerman Report®

Lerman Report Exclusive..

Leonard Solomon Lerman was born 1925  an American scientist most noted for his work on DNA. Lerman, DNA researcher & co-inventor of DGGE, is born in Pittsburgh.
We wonder what Leonard Lerman whould have to say on this matter.

A  One Minute Read….

Just how Accurate Are All Those Ancestral DNA Home Kits?

Let us start by saying that we read that a chimpanzee shares 99%  of our DNA.So in other words All these home kits take everyone back to hundred and thousands of years all the way the way back  to our  Neanderthal relative with that 1%? Come on give us a break.

An entire family took a DNA test from one of these popular DNA home testing kits.One of my staff members took such a test. It showed both him and his sister are listed as full brother and sister…yet DNA found relatives that…

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Trump If Elected Will Not Be Good For Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ...

As any New Yorker can attest to Trump was a familiar face in the N.Y. news..

He was a major Mover and Shaker on the N.Y.scene.

Trump’s father had built a city within a city of apartment building’s in the N.Y.C.borough of Queens.

Donald Trump came into his own with the Koch administration.

When you hear Trump on a one on one interview you can immediately spot his intelligence however there is another persona which he takes on when he speaks in front of a crowd at any of his rallys there he morphs into a rable rouser mode attracting the worst eliminates of the Republican part voters.At these rallys we see the fringe section if the Party.


Here in the states the press never actually let the public see Trump’s Mid East Peace Plan.

It is a prescription for a short lived Israel as soon as it get implemented.

Yes Israel must maintain an undivided Jerusalem.

Remember whenTrump’ said in his own words there will be a heavy price to pay.

The price to pay is a Palestinian Arab state complete with them having their own army.If signed by All the party’s .. Elimination of Israel within that same year.

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner being the architect of this travesty we can only be describe it as a Shanda

The Palestinian Arab leadership signed on to OSLO that should be it.. nothing more.Even that was to much

We here at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD believe that not getting Jewish voters to rally to him at the ballot box will may see a totally different Trump when it comes to any future support of Israel.

American Jews once thought of as smart no longer have that distinction.We say this as they have sucumbed to Palestinian Propaganda.We say this with a heavy heart and as members of the tribe.


We will give an early endorsement to Florida Governor Ron Desantis .We worry that if elected he may extract a revenge of sorts for his lack of American Jewish support..

Pundits say that we are fair weather friends for doing this and basically not loyal.On the contrary all what we are doing is basically giving a back room advice to the Republican voting public ..The same that Political advisors such as the likes of a James Carvelle would say but our clients so to speak are the voting public at large.

So in closing We will say Trump was right on all most if not all issues but can only bring the party it him or Donald Jr.on the ticket.

Let him exit a Champ instead if a Chump and be a King Maker..