Doctors Commiting Wide Systemic Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Which Remains Rampant All Over America

     Doctors all across America are basically having Carte Blanche From Medicare& Medicaid By Summiting False Claims and Getting a Rubber Stamp on payment.Doctors are having their Billing Dept.Double Bill,Bill Twice & calling procedures by a different name.They usually send out the bogus bill with the same day of service of a previous bill that you already paid
They basically getting little or no review or scrutiny on their bogus claims that are summited to Medicare& Medicaid.
What can the consumer do when after they payed their bill & continue to receive another bill for the same day of service?
First thing is to Complain to Medicare.Second is to talk to their Doctors Billing Dept.
Always keep records of payment and get bank verification of payment for that day that you were seen by your Doctor..Once you have your proff documented tell them that your going to the DA’s office.
Don’t fall for fake recovery firms (collection agencies) that Doctors and Hospitals make up to scare patients.When a collection agency sues you if they are successful they inherites half of the Doctors bill amount and the Doctor gets the other half.Guess what no Lawyer will go to court to recover $18.00 and get $9.00 if successful.They cannot ruin your credit without a  court judgement against you..Tell them that you intended to counter sue for harassment.Also request a letter that from them that they are no longer pursuing any  legal claim against you.

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