Beware Many Cultures And Religions Will Be Sacrificed To Make Way For The New World Order



  Jews ,Christians and nearly every other major religion will be on the chopping block to make way for the new world order..That is what these Globalist are thriving for.
   Although we don’t like it that is the path that the globalist are Pushing.
As we in America are seeing 20 to 30 thousand immigrants being airlifted Nationwide in 50 years there will be no more white people no more Christians or Jews..How this is being accomplished all over the world.
It has gotten it’s foot in the door by forcing every single nation on Earth getting together to fight the climate change and Covid.
It has opened the door just enough that these agitators, Rable Rousers and Mal Contents to get their foot in the door. 
What they are thriving for is one world wide race and religion..and they don’t care one iota which ethnic/religious groups have to be sacrificed to obtain their goal. 
The UN..will eventually become the Head honcho in governing the entire planet Earth’.. This is being brought about by the world wide COVID Pandemic and climate change.Bottom line do not hand over your nations sovereignty to the U.N.ever. 


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