Biden Intended To Give Big Cash Payouts To Those Who Were Separated At The Border

Whould You Subject your Children To This? What kind Of

What kind of parents place their children on an illegal Caravan to sneak across the Border unexcorted.

Well tell you very irresponsible ones that’s who.

Biden was Poised to reward those parents big payout in the tune  of perhaps a half million each.unexcorted.Just who is going to pay for this giveaway?

The American working stiff
and as things go not to many left.


They are struggling to make ends meet.

Young people today can’t afford to get auto insurance and a car or an apartment of their own.
They don’t have Two nickels to run together to make a dime but they will get nothing but more payroll tax taken out each week.

Begginer Entry level  workers can not afford a car especially the Auto insurance as an assigned risk driver status whocjcn be in excess of $10,000  a year.

Plus they are are not making a living wage to be on their own as head of household.

President Biden put  the breaks on this giveaway but you can bet the farm that it most likely will get the greenlight once all this clammer dies down.


This  Giveaway must never happen ..Call or Write your representative today and voice your disapproval of this plan.


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