Roll The Dice And Keep America Open ..


We don’t want to come across as a war monger or callus to Human suffering however If You want a country we must keep America open.

In any war with aireral bombardment you got to expect collateral damage i.e.civilian casualties.Sounds a bit cruel but that is why Israel and the Allies are loosing the war in the Middle East. The Palestinian Arabs have we no compunction against targeting civilian neighborhoods..but We don’t  do that .
Same applies to opening up America and the free world and keeping it open.Some perhaps many people may succumb to Covid but that the heavy price that civilization will continue and  not to fall into a permanent 3rd World Status.

Picture Of  3rd World Nation

Just what will America look like if everything is shut closed? No stores no retail or factories with the military driving by in duece and a half trucks throwing food…

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