Anti Israel And Jewish Hatred Is Snowballing Getting Bigger


While Israel was making sure it always had “Qualitative Edge” Militarily it is and has lost the public relations war with Palestinian Arabs.Make no mistake about it when we see people supporting Terrorists deeds killing and maiming Jews that is a major concern for is and should be a Wake up call to every living and breathing Jew.

On Colleges from on Campus pro Palestinian Arab demonstrations clamering kill all the Jews & Palestine from River to Sea.. That is disturbing to matters even worse the lies hatred distortion taught right the classroom.Not only at private but state colleges but State Colleges as well. We see major newspapers such as The New York Times taking a Pro Palestinian stance uterly shameful.

What was once a very respectful paper whose Readership was compromised almost exclusively that of Jewish patrons In our humble opinion has now entered the status of

“A Yellow Rag”

We see Churches supporting Palestinian cause and not Jewish Homeland.

Keep in mind under The British mandate Jordan was created it was intended strictly for Arab settlement Jews were barred from entry and inforced by The British Army. .

The Palestinian Arabs don’t want a Jewish state even it was only 1 inch wide and they whould fight tooth and nail to retain that inch and push Jews into the Sea.

Israel gave them 2 land for peace deals Camp David and Oslo…Did anyone see any peace eminating from these two deals..

Now This Anti Jewish-Israeli Sentiment is Snowballing and getting bigger by the day.

Israel must step up the Public Relations War and bring people back to the reality of the situation and once again return them to the right moral compass of before.

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Jcle for peace′ | World | DW/



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