Trump Got A Raw Deal.. All The Negativity Surrounding Him Was Mostly False And Unwarranted But Nonetheless He Should Step Aside



He Most Probably Will Not Pick Up Any New Adherents Or Win Over Any New Friends Or Influence New Voters In The Republican Corner..That You Can Bet The Farm On.Republicans Need A Conservation Candidate With Basically The Same Views But Lacking All The Negative Baggage Also Ron Desantis Or A Niki Halley.
Trump Has always Been A Very Intelligent Fellow..When You See Him On The Evening News Doing A One On One Interview Comes Across As Wise High IQ Individual..But At His Rally’s He takes on the Persona Of Cheap Two Bit Rabble Rouser..When Mocked A Reporter By Imitating His Disability Or Puting Down Rosey O ‘Donnell He Went For Short Term Cheap Laugh But Threw Away Long Term Respect.
He Should Never Cozied Up To Exstream Right-Winger sAnd Disavowed Any And All Of These Low Life’s But in His Quest For More Votes He Played Noth Ends To The Middle Throwing Away The His Political Future.
While We May Come Across Disloyal To Trump America Can No Longer Survive Under The New Socialist Leaning Party Of The Democrat Party And We Must Move On Quickly And Go Forward
However if Ron Desantis Or Niki Halley Run Republicans Will Retake The White House
This Rid and the top secret files raise a many eyebrows.Leys her Trump’s side before passing any Negative judgment on him.
Those Top secret nuclear files  that was found at his estate will be the determining litmus test whether he is a subversive or True Patriot. This are very troublesome.Lets give him the be fit of the doubt.
Having said that those extreme right wing crowd at his Rally’s along with the jan.6 ensurectton make him very vulnerable and unelectable.Let him be a king maker of sorts and step aside passing the baton to Ron Desantis who has the backing and blessing of the Republican leadership. 


5 comments on “Trump Got A Raw Deal.. All The Negativity Surrounding Him Was Mostly False And Unwarranted But Nonetheless He Should Step Aside

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    Trump Got A Raw Deal.. All The Negativity Surrounding Him Was False And Unwarranted But Nonetheless He Should Step Aside

    Why should he step aside – he is the strong one who can if showered wit the Constitution and not the wickedness of the left did wonders. Trump’s personality was over shadowed by the use of power against him (emocrats/Pelosi, who should be punished.



    • International Herold says:

      Our Democracy hangs in the balance of the next Presidential election ..Trump has to much baggage and if it only its 10% down that’s add up to thousands ..Enough numbers that he’ll loose.. He is not making friends and influencing people anymore. Also Donald Jr. Doesn’t help his situation either me Jan.6th was the straw that broke the camel’s back .Time for him in to be the king Maker and ride into the sunset


  2. International Herold says:

    We agree with that. Thank you for your comment


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