Will Electric Cars Open Up the Floodgates For Nuclear Power Plants?

Charging Station

Nuclear power plant




Now that we are witnessing the advent of Electric Cars..
We want to run this thought by everyone..Whatever pollution saved by running these electric cars comes at a heavy price..
We will be given two choices first we still have to burn oil or coal at Electrical Powerplants to make More Electricity.
 That means whatever pollution we had on the open roads we will replaced by the power plants pollution from burning all that extra oil or coal.
Forget about windmills to unpractical and it just doesn’t produce enough electric to light up Main street USA let alone forfill our needs for all Electric Cars of the near future.
However there is the rub the secret right here in front of us that from some reason is over everyone’s head . The Electrical Powerplants will convert to Nuclear Power.Remember The Accidents at Three Mile Island and Fuckadama Japan as well as Chernobyl ..We do…
 Keep this thought in mind all Nuclear Power does is a create a  very inexpensive situation in which you boil water to turn a turbine to make electricity.
The savings and believe us there are Millions of Dollars saved but none goes to the ratepayers only to the stockholders.In this case not only are homeowners are the ratepayers but also the electric cars owners at the charging stations.Bingo we the Electric Car Owner will wind up  Getting Fleeced.
Does anyone in their heart of Hearts actually believe that the Utility Companies will be fair to the consumer?
Just take a peek at your electric bill for your residence..
Once the electric cars become the norm and gas vehicles are phased out The Oil Wells become permanently sealed and all the Drilling rigs taken away there will be a new monopoly hosted by your local Utility Company.
They will now become the sole seller of power for our  cars and homes in your public Municipality… . Remember before where we had Shell, Exon Sunoco, Hess etc etc We will now have one Giant How does that grab you?Just keep this in mind..They raked everyone over the hot coals for the apartment and Homeowners insurance.now they will have us by the short hairs…
So  we will say it once more so please keep that thought in mind at all times!
The only good application of  nuclear power is that of a  Nuclear-powered Submarines where a small nuclear  power pack the size of a can of coffee is used  where you can’t store gallons and gallons of oil or coal.So we here at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD Editorial DESK firmly believe that the reason and  only reason that electric Cars are being put in the for front and being touted as a means for less pollution..is to usher in the area of nuclear powerplants and nothing more.We compare all  this hype for electric cars to an old Twilight Zone episode.
In this clip Aliens visit Earth and give us the cure for cancer and such.Hence we trusted them and dismantle our armies .We are then encouraged to visit their planet and vacation a “A True Paradise”.
As a groups are boarding the Fleet of Alien Space Ships a colleague yells out to her boss.watch what occurred.To Bad..So Sad..To late Now

Watch and see for yourself…..

For the shear unsafe factor we put a thumbs down on nuclear energy period.
America look before you leap…


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