MY Intellectual Property Carbonated Mouth Wash Patent Pending!

I Donald Lerman Have Hit on A Great New Idea Carbonated Mouth Wash!


Yes You heard It Correctly”Carbonated Mouth Wash.I Came On This Novel Idea While Out Of Dental Floss.The Eferfecint Bubbles Eminating From Seltzer Or Club Soda ( Even Tonic Water Will Suffice Does The Trick Removing Trapped Food Particles From Your Gums.
Now just Imagine if The Mouth Wash Was Carbonated…hmmm What An Idea! Seel them in 4oz cans in package containing 20 of those cans the same way in which protein drinks are sold.Or One Can Carbonate Mouth Was With ASeld Contained Machine
Eureka! .Another New Idea From Donald Lerman




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