What Is the Truth Concerning Any Long Term Complications With These Covid Vaccines? Is Fauci Being Transparent?


Did the Corona virus  peak or even ended already?Are we all being held captive in our homes under sort of under house arrest for nothing?.What are the long term effects of these Vaccinations? Why are Police Department Entities across the nation refusing to take the Covid shots and their PBA’s are supporting their decision? Why are professional Athletes choosing to be unvaccinated and why are the Airlines giving them a bye letting them fly on commercial flights?
Why are school Teachers in California refusing to be vaccinated at the California Governor is letting them do as they wish by going along with them?
Let’s demand to see if all our law makers show us blood work up proving that they were under in deed vaccinated.
Fauci Caught Mask Off.Not Worried About Corona?
Are the new figures both untrue and inflated to make it appear that Covid 19 is still with in full force.We don’t buy it.
Sorry we have our doubts …Even the influenza epidemic of 1918 didn’t last this Long.As a matter of fact the nuclear fallout from the Atom Bombs dropped at Hiroshima & Nagasaki ending WW11 in the Pacific Theater didn’t last this long.
We were led to believe that the first lab worldwide to develop the vaccine will get the brass ring…Now it has been revealed that the go ahead was given to two Are all these Politicians now merely shilling for Big Pharma.
We heard that a syringe with a chip which will become a permanent fixture in our bodies like  a piece of shrapnel  which will be injected along with the Vaccines?.
That no longer appears plausible as the Government can track any of us so long as we have our cell phones
Does every 50th or particular vaccine number give a “Hot Dose” doing some sort of  long term Damage to out bodies or organs such as Sterility or Cancer that the public is not being privy to? One vaccination in fifty is a large statically number nation wide or world wide.is the intention to thin out the Herd so to speak visa vie to get world’s population it’s true secret goal?
We heard scuttlebut but that taking a covid vacination by itself is of no danger to anyone..But taken along with certain flu vaccines then trigers a responce and of it’ll mess up your organs We must strses that although theory is unsanctioned and bears no ones signature of truth we thought we drop this by everyone and ket Mr.&Mrs Public decide if they think it holds water.After all every practionera office is pushing the flu vacation pneumonia and shingles as if they have stock on the Drug Companies..hmm.When thet ask do I want a flu shot I tell then do ever listen to Bobby Brown? Well its my prerogative .
Keep in mind there are over 25 different strains of flu that make the rounds each year..what are they clairvoyants to know which one will attack your system?
What raises our eyebrows is that a for over 60 years the Drug Companies can’t find as cure for Cancer..but low and Behold 3 independent Pharmaceutical Company’s can  develop a vaccine for Covid 19 in just 9 short months almost in days if each other..Does anyone know the astronomical odds of that occuring?
First are we being denied freedom to go outside our homes and reopened our retail shops all because of Big Pharmas greed? We hope not.
Many never take the flu shot and don’t intend to this vaccine either..When their Doctor asks them they Reply Back “.Have you ever listen to Bobby Brown”…well  it’s s my proagratative is is their reply back..We must demand answers and transparency with all these Vaccinations.

         INTERNATIONAL HEROLD      /Bartholomew Bitsko 

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