Why The West Will Never Win Any Wars In The Middle East…



The U.S.Along With It’s Allies Will Never Be Successful In Any War in the Middle East or North Africa..Why You Ask?
Its Because We The United States And Their Partners Will Never Target Area’s Where Combatants Remain Intrenched Among Civilian Populations.  Any Raids By The U.S..its Allies including Israel are Conducted  With Surgical Precision .A Best The Thing That The West Can Except Is A Stale Mate …
While A Certain Number of Civilian Casualties Can Never Be A  Completely Avoided.The Deliberate Bombing Of Civilian Areas Is Nothing Short Of  Barbaric And Is Definitely A War Crime.
While U.S.House Democrats Voted to Extend The Iron Dome Program  Key Progressive Democrats Namely The Squad And Their Cohorts Voted No Which Remains Nothing Short Of A Shameful Vote  That Can Make Israel Defeated..


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