Pro Life Stance Will Be Republicans Downfall At The Ballot Box

The Pro Life Stance Will Be The Republican Downfall At The ballot Box.

No one is proud when they get an abortion.. Those Who Are Must Be Psych Patients.

While We Abhore Abortion for birth control Purposes we’ll say let those who intend to use it as such to buy a condom,birth control pill, an intro uterus device, practice rhythm or keep their knees together.

Having said that those who get one have it done quietly and secretive.They are not  pumping their chests out & busting every button on their vests when doing so..

You can bet your bottom dollar someone who personally are getting an abortion will never make the topic of conversation at any family dinner table.

Those Pro Lifers or Pro Choicers are not swaying anyone’s mind to their point of view..

All both sides bare doing is continuing to divide America and  bring about discord & further divisiveness in the Nation.

We don’t fault a couple carrying a down syndrome or Zika fetus for wanting one or victims of Rape or Incest but that’s their call . Although babies born of severe learning disabilities need massive amounts of training every Pro Life Politicians continue to vote down any and all aid package for these individuals.Yet they insist that you have them.

We say that Republicans must take the Hot Button Issue of Roe vs.Wade off their platform agenda and just move on.

In the end it’ll do them in & put their vote tally in the loss column
 Having said all of the above the only thing that Republicans Pushing and supporting this removal of Roe vs Wade will accomplish will wind up doing is to Galvanize Democrat voters


While Not Playing Devil’s Advocate However Repealing Roe the new bill allows abortion up to 15 weeks .. that’s nearly 4 months..if any women doesn’t know that she’s expecting by 15 weeks then just let her look at the spider webs on her box of Kotex

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