A New Worry For Israel.. Giving Taliban An Air Force From Fleet Of U.S.Military Arcenial Vacated In Afghanistan

Israel now has a new Worry.

Along With The Potential Iranian Nuclear Capability The U.S. It’s Hasty Retreat and Abandonment Of Both Military Eguiptment And U.S.Citizen’s As Well As Those Who Cohertly Helped Their Military….U.S.Has Left Behind A Complete Military Arcenial Along With Tanks Aircraft And All Sorts Of Sophisticated Military Hardware.

The Base With Everything Vacated Should Have Been Bombed As Not To Fall Into Taliban Hands ..But It Wasn’t. It We Are Sure That The Palestinian Leadership As Well As Every Terrorists Outfit Is Aware Of This Factor.

There Are Plenty Of Qualified Military Jet Pilots Within Tg we Arab World That’ll Be More Than Willing To Take On The Job If The Price For Jockying  Those Jets Are Enough.

When Bennet Sits Down With Biden Along With The Reinstatement of  Iranian Deal This Will Be Among Bennets Top Priority In Their Discussion. You Better Believe It!


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