Biden.. Blinken..Miley Must Resign And Removed From Office

/Getty Image

Well cut to the chase and make this to the point..This Junta of sorts  of President Biden State Dept.Head Blinken and  Joint Cheif of Staff General Miley must be all step down Immediately.
The Advice  on how they handled this entire debacle in Afghanistan was an Abortion to put it mildly.
Looks as if our Secretary of State looked eyeball to eyeball with the Taliban and Blinkened first.
The lives lost  particularly of our U.S.Marines as well as a list to the Taliban exposing the names of American citizens , contractors and those who gave us logistics as well as cohert Intelligence is inexcusable.
We’d also put V.P Kamela Harris on that list but that would make Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi President.
Kamala Harris will weather this fiasco only because House Democrats don’t want it to appear as some sort of  conflict of Interest making Pelosi POTUS.
So in closing we believe that this Troika will step down in a month. 

                 INTERNATIONAL HEROLD. ..  

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