Lipid’s Capitulation To Biden’s Presure is Detrimental To The Exsistance Of The Jewish State

It’s one thing for Lapid to throw in the towel but why is the Knesset an the Israeli High Court Tochus Lichting this Abortion Of A Deal With Lebanon?

There remains and old Yiddish exoressuon rhat We’ll apply to.Lapid it originally was intended dir. Co signer of a bank loan but we will use it here fir Lapuda shameful signing to Lebanon getting 100% of the Off shore Gas Deal

It called “A SHMUCK WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN”In a few short years if there is no longer an Israel it’ll be cause if a a few feckless politicians were overly concerning with not rucfling the feathers of foreign leaders who never had any compassion for Israel or Jews.So let them wake up today and ger their act togetger before its to late

Isreal better have some fantastic contingency plans ready as war is imminent.If and when that should ever happenthete will of shirt hitting the fan.Israel will havw many fronts.Once enemy combatants have boots on the ground in Israel ot could be game over.We sincerely hope that carpet bombing of some kind is on Israel’s agenda

Once enemy combatants boots are on Israeli soil it is game over

Israel will not get a do over or second chance.

Time to start thinking about repatriatimg the entire Arab Population. Arab MK’s spoke their true sentiments and uteted everg Arabs true feelings when they praised the recent murdering Terrorists.

Now the Biden Administration is rearing it’s ugly head and pressuring Netanyahu who and who he can’t or shouldn’t put in his cabinet this is totaly unexceptional.Biden is also having the FBI run an investigation into a reporters death..a real hachet job.Time for American Jews to wake up and Israeli leaders to grow a set

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