Florida’s West Coast Down For The Count And May Be Done

Florida’sWest Coast seems to be down for the count.Experts are really not sure with all the climate change if the path of future Hurricanes along with its intensidy  will become a regularl acurance.

Insurance companies plan to nickel and dime the policy holders They’re going to fight every homeowner tooth and nail on any payout of their insurance policies.Dual Winds are just one of the technical stipulations and road blocks that their putting up.

Construction Materials such as windos will be up to a year on back order.To make matters even worse is that Homeowners have to wait for any insurance payout to purchase any materials and such tp repair thier homes.

What about all the new construction that was in process being built and was destroyed by Hurricane Ian? Where does the new buyer stand in getting any refund or assurances that their homes will be completed in any timely fashion?.What Developer will now feel comfortatable investing in any future or presnt construction?Florida growth has been stopped cold.Bottom line all over the state people are forgoing to insure thier homes at a minimum cost of $6.000 a year


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