Nail Biting Time: Why Did South Korea Develope A Nuclear Submarine When They Have No Nuclear Bombs?…

South Korea has Capitulated to  Kim Sun_Un . They have agreed to march under a United Korea Banner at to the Olympics.This Ii was a direct spit in the face of the U.S. and our Allies.
it is well known that is North Korea has an Nuclear Arcenial.Now they may pertentily have a launching pad for a billistic nuclear missiles
The U.S. and it allies must immediately step in and we will  say this is in the strongest tone ever my Step in and remove the entire submarine fleet from the Navy of South Korea no ands ifs I’d buts.
We have put our Army and our serviceman’s lives on the line to there since the 1950’s.We bankroll their Army we owe them no excuse when we march in and  sail away with their new Submarine fleet . 


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