Don’t Buy Anything Online From Wish.. You’ll Better Off Flushing Your Hard Earned Money Down The Toilet..It’s Quicker..It’s Easier Either Way You’ll Never See Your Money Again


A Friend of ours purchased 2 suits from WISH ..

No size label but a paper tag attached with a string proclaiing the size

One a dress suit for $34..The other a track suit for $22.Both Size 3x .When they arrived from China both were so small as to fit an emaciated individual or a kid about 10
The sizing on the 3x Dress Suit arrived without a factory label but a paper label attachted with a string on so did the Track Suit.
When they contacted WISH they said that the wharehouse sent the correct order.Then after reviewing picture of the item that were sent to wish they said that it was within the size variant.Then they agreed to a refund only if They ship it back to China.
We suspect that all the buyer will now accomplish a further loss of shipping money making his wallet lighter.
We took the dress suit over to a top notch dry cleaning store the owner operator who is in the dry cleaning business for nearly 30 years told us that Material is the cheapest he’d ever seen.
It’s only uses to perhaps  to be used as a shop rag to pick up a spill and despose of.
If you read the reviews for Wish items it echo’s what we just said on nearly every order
Bottom line all you’ll accommodate making your bankroll lighter..Don’t buy anything from Wish


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