U.S.Sentator Chris Van Hollen Has His Priorities Messed Up

      Chris Van Hollen


Chris Van Hollen has his facts confused in as far as the Israel is concern.He seems to be laboring under a misguidance where Israel is concerned as being the aggressor in this Israeli- Palestinian conflict.To begin with Israel is a sovereign nation.

With The Oslo Accords firmly in hand Isreal is playing by the rules.

Anytime Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh are unhappy they will act as Rable Rousers and steam up their band of rouges and start rioting burning a starting a small intifida.Just take a look at this clip and see if Israel has a partner in peace..

At first let us stop the confusion right now.Both The Israelis and Palestinians are both signatories to the Oslo Achords.Like we mentioned it has been signed and thats all the Palestinian Arabs are getting Oslo Oslo Oslo

For Senator Chris Van Hollen to drag the price tag of Uncle Sams help to Israelis is even a low shot even for him.No other nation has to bear Uncle Sams price tag on thier back the way the Israeli s had to do.

Uncle Sam has financed many regimes and helped in war but Israel is allways remined of the cost..no other nation has that desinction..Let Senator Chris Van Hollen take a look what going on in France ,Germany and England and take a vacation from dissecting Israel.

Insteas of putting the pressure on The Israeli Govt start  leveraging these two Palestinian leaders to live up to  Oslo.

Where is Schumer in all this bru ha ha.

Why isnt he not squarely in Israels corner why is his voice being so conspicuously absent?

International Herold

Texas Governor Buses Illegal Immigrants To N.Y.& NYC Mayor Puts Them Up At 5***** Hotels Sticks Taxpayers With The Bill



  Texas Governor Abbott Bused Around 3,000 Illegal Immigrants To The Biggest Sanctuary City NY.C.

I had to fly into NYC on Buisness This Past Weekend and stayed at a dump with a beautiful view of my car right outside bedroom window.

My Hotel Type

My Hotel All I Can Afford

Why? Because at $900 for 3 days that all that I can afford..Mind you I  grew up here in America..attended school here in America put on a khaki suit for Uncle Sam and that’s all that I can afford.This Illegal Immigrants will bill entitled to SSI at $1000 bucks a month an enhanced Medicaid, $1,800 relocation free per person in their immediate family free college tuition and a subsidized apt for 3 to 6 years.

The new NYC Mayor seems no different that his predecessor..

The new woke liberals have their priorities all messed up..


Doctors Commiting Wide Systemic Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Which Remains Rampant All Over America

     Doctors all across America are basically having Carte Blanche From Medicare& Medicaid By Summiting False Claims and Getting a Rubber Stamp on payment.Doctors are having their Billing Dept.Double Bill,Bill Twice & calling procedures by a different name.They usually send out the bogus bill with the same day of service of a previous bill that you already paid
They basically getting little or no review or scrutiny on their bogus claims that are summited to Medicare& Medicaid.
What can the consumer do when after they payed their bill & continue to receive another bill for the same day of service?
First thing is to Complain to Medicare.Second is to talk to their Doctors Billing Dept.
Always keep records of payment and get bank verification of payment for that day that you were seen by your Doctor..Once you have your proff documented tell them that your going to the DA’s office.
Don’t fall for fake recovery firms (collection agencies) that Doctors and Hospitals make up to scare patients.When a collection agency sues you if they are successful they inherites half of the Doctors bill amount and the Doctor gets the other half.Guess what no Lawyer will go to court to recover $18.00 and get $9.00 if successful.They cannot ruin your credit without a  court judgement against you..Tell them that you intended to counter sue for harassment.Also request a letter that from them that they are no longer pursuing any  legal claim against you.

Raid On Trumps Estate Will Only Serve To Galvanize Republican Voters

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This bizarre unprecedented raid on Trumps Mar a Lago Estate will only serve to Galvanize Republican Voters.New territory has been chartered which basically was almost paramount to a no knock warrant against a former President which we only can say Simple Shameful that no words can truly  describe.
Sad Thing is that a Judge had signed off on this warrant.Everbody at the Justice Dept. including President  Biden is playing Putsavota( feigning ignorance)of this fiasco which was way unbelievable as well beyond the pale of decency.
We at the International Herold felt that the Repeal of Roe vs Wade was a disaster for Republicans.
Whatever bump in the polls that the Democrats had from the backlash of Roes reversel is now gone.
From reports that we were privy to which are in the public record Eric Trump as well as a Trump employees were not shown the actual warrant and were kept out of the periphery of the search. No one can think that this raid was anything other than a political kick in the pants intended to end Donald Trump’s future reelection effort.
Since household members were denied to witness and verify the items taken on this raid the FBI can plant and say that any item was  recovered when it as never existed at Trump’s Florida residence.Mind you we are only saying what everyone from both Parties are thinking….

There are always two sides to a story..Did Trump indeed have Top secret files on the nuclear bomb in his possession.Why did major Media Outlets claim that he wants them back.if this all proves to be true…then it will Galvanize the GOP however not for Trump

High Cost Of Homeowners Insurance Has Halted The Exodus To Florida..


   Property  tax insurance in the state of Florida is staggering.It could be as much as anywhere from.”6,000 to the sky’s limit.The expected Exodus to Florida never really materialized.
Home and Apartment owners raised the roof on resale homes ,new construction and house rentals also tripled lol hopping to reap windfall profits..The rate of inflation has made it virtually out of range for the poor souls who has intended to by a home and achieve the American Dream.
Resale housing market is nearly at a stand still while most  rental apartments remain vacant
Governor Desantis has yet to walk back that infamous Insurance bill that makes every Florida homeowner a slave to the insurance Industry.
If doesn’t hell lose all momentum on his quest to be heading a national ticket on the way to the white house.
Since Covid started we at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD praised him to High Heaven for having business as usual in the retail areas and saving Florida.We personally heard homeowners tell us that they have no insurance on their houses at $6000 plus is beyond the pale of affordable.
We also worry that if he captures the White House Florida will get a Democrat Governor and he will impose restrictions like every other state and Florida will soon become a Gross town..You better believe it.

Bottom lime Desantis your elected by the people go back to drawing board and redo this bill which the only Abortion that you seemed to be for and do it quickly.


JFK Assassination International Herold’s New Theory

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We all saw the JFk Assignation Clip In Which We See Jackie Kennedy Attempting To Flee The Limos Back Seat.
We now Believe That There Was Never Actually Any Sniper Or Even A 2nd Rifleman.
We were bombared with the Press constantly mentioned new words into our lexicon”The Grassy Knoll”and “The Book Depository”.We were Steered away from the very obvious..The immediate periphery of the detail guarding the presidential limo..People claim that they heard shots coming out..come on there is a record brraking crowd cheering & screaming and your able to hear bullets cry out? Come on. give us a break.
To Make A Long Shot As They Said Came From Someone Perched Waiting Far On High Ground On The Parade Route.Then If That Be The Case You’d Have To Literally Have  A Large Squad Of Rifleman Trained One After Another At Close Intervals Made Up If At Least 10 Men Taking Their Shot Turn In Rapid Succession
We Believe That The Oswald Belief And A 2nd Gunman Is Both impossible And A Smoke Screen (No Pun Intended) For What Actually Occured That Infamous Day..
Here Is Our Theory:
When Anyone Is Shot By A Sniper Or From Far Distance It Is Extremely Unlikely That They Know That The Person Next To Them Is Hit..
We Believe That Perhaps The Gunman Kill Shot Came From Within The Periphery of Kennedy’s Limo from either a person near by or. as far fetched as it sounds gun planted in the limo there near Kennedy’s head on a timer to go off at certain time
 More likely From Someone On Police Or Secret Service Detail Or Close Periphery Of The Motorcade Standing Very Close By Of The First Lady.
*Crowd was enormous/ limo was altered to allow extra hight in JFK’s seat for public visibility.Any law enforcement could have accessed that info & had the highest setting for a shot with a pistol at the ready from inside the street level viewer area or police and Secret Service Detail ..The press and white house press secretary made sure that the focus was on a sniper high up and far away ..a smoke screen to throw off real Gunman’s position
Jackie Kennedy Had To Have Witnessed  The Gunman Close Up No Further Than 2 -3 Feet Away And Then And Only Then Is Why She Attempted To Flea The Limo’s Back Seat.
Our Theory Is One of Common Sense And Logic.
While We Here At The International Herald’s Editorial Desk Stops Short Of Pointing The Finger At Any One In The Limo Or On that Security Detail Common Sense Dictates That That Is The Only Way It Had To Happen.
While All The So called Experts Have Debated This Since The Day It Happened.We Believe That The Very Answer Was Pushed Away Deliberately To Throw Everyone Off From The Actual Truth.

We Say Go Back With A Fine Tooth Comb On Every Peice Of Footage Available..This focus on Oswald and a 2nd possible Gunman Very Well Have kept The Investigation Away From Finding The Truth. Why wasn’t more scrutiny given to limo level crowd as well a Police and secret service details all around immediate periphery of Limo area?


Even the writeup on Lee Harvey Oswald raises an eyebrow.Why was he  allowed in Russia during the cold war? Unless you had a clearance from The Feds you couldn’t get withen arms length of Russian soil.Perhaps if you were a furrier and bought you pelts there but for the average person it was a big no go zone.

Also when someone is shot they are we propelled back by the gun shot blast.Althogh Jack Ruby  shot Oswald with a pistol Oswald shouldn’t have slumped forward as he is did..More unanswered questions and things make you go hmmm.


Mental Health Made The Scapegoat For Gun Control


     Mental Health Has Been Made The Scapegoat For Volence Perpetrated With Commission Of a Firearm.
Both Political Parties Agreed To this new Legislation Squarely Puting Blame on Mental Health.
While Those Who Go On a Shooting Spree May Be Not In Sound Mind Mental Health is A Cop Out For The Real Culprit…
We Would Have Been In Agreement Had They Focused On Guns Rather Than Shifting Blame To Solely to Mental Health.
Anyone Who has Committed Any Crime Of Major Proportions May Very Well Be Off In The Head.Many Individuals Who Suffer From Depression As well AS Emotional Issues Will Now Bear The Brunt From These Actions By A Few Violent Vicious Individuals.
This Bill Now Let’s Gun Manufactures Off the Hook As well As Letting Gun Lobby Organizations Such As The NRA As well Gun Show Promoter Walk Away Unscathed To Rear Their Ugly Head Again And spew Their Mantra Guns Don’t Kill People Kill..
Just How Many People Would Have Been Killed Had The Gunman Only Had A Baseball Bat Or Only Their Fists?
While We Are All For our Police Department Zeroing In On Arm Manufacturers The Manufacture Weapons Keep Up With Black Market Sales And The Selling Of These Guns At Both gun Shows And Backrooms It Did Not Go In That Direction.
Let Us say upfront That We Are Firm In Our Belief That Any Individual Or Group That Uses A Firearm In Commission Of a Crime Of This Stature Should Not Receive A Slap On The Wrist But Lifetime Incarceration  Without Any Privileges Or Chance Of Parole Which Includes Weekly Corporal Punishment Such As Public Canning To Serve as Both Punishment And  Deferment For Future Crimes Of This Manner.
Republican And Democratic Law Makers Basically Let Guns Along  Manufacturers Skate Away Intact..
International Herold  would like to take this opportunity to thank their entire loyal fan base all throughout the World…. Lerman Report has underwent a sale and all of its contents and posts are now part of International Herold.Com


America’s Population Is Moving South




    As Crime..High Taxes And Climate Change Continues To Wreck Havock On America’s East Coast  It’s Population Is Migrating South.
I’m The Last Quarter Decade Retirees Have Chosen Florida..Texas & The Carolinas As Their New Home.
30 Years Ago You’d Be Hard Pressed To Find Anyone Other Than Jews.. Italians Retiring In The Sunshine State..

Florida You Might Say Was Their Private Hunting Ground So To Speak
All Though Those Two Groups Still Make Florida Their Choice Of Retirement Place..
We Are Witnessing A New Exodus From Other States Complete With New Ethnic Groups Who Know A Good Thing When They See It.

Choice Locals Such As Boca & Delray To Name A Few Have Become To High Priced
Northerners Relocating Here Have Now Replaced Their High Taxes With High HOA Fees.
We At The International Herold Projection Is That In Ten Years Florida’s West Coast Will Rival The Amount Of Homes As The East Coast..Mark Our Words From All The Indicators We See The East Coasts Growth Will Fizzle Away As Overbuilding Along With The Heavy Traffic Will Eventually Stop New Construction There.
The Carolinas Are Also Seeing A Lot Of Action As Florida’s East Coast Gets Way Way To Pricey…
We Are Going To See More Modular Manufactured As Well  (trailer) Homes as The Present Cost Of Retirement Skyrocketing.