High Cost Of Homeowners Insurance Has Halted The Exodus To Florida..


   Property  tax insurance in the state of Florida is staggering.It could be as much as anywhere from.”6,000 to the sky’s limit.The expected Exodus to Florida never really materialized.
Home and Apartment owners raised the roof on resale homes ,new construction and house rentals also tripled lol hopping to reap windfall profits..The rate of inflation has made it virtually out of range for the poor souls who has intended to by a home and achieve the American Dream.
Resale housing market is nearly at a stand still while most  rental apartments remain vacant
Governor Desantis has yet to walk back that infamous Insurance bill that makes every Florida homeowner a slave to the insurance Industry.
If doesn’t hell lose all momentum on his quest to be heading a national ticket on the way to the white house.
Since Covid started we at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD praised him to High Heaven for having business as usual in the retail areas and saving Florida.We personally heard homeowners tell us that they have no insurance on their houses at $6000 plus is beyond the pale of affordable.
We also worry that if he captures the White House Florida will get a Democrat Governor and he will impose restrictions like every other state and Florida will soon become a Gross town..You better believe it.

Bottom lime Desantis your elected by the people go back to drawing board and redo this bill which the only Abortion that you seemed to be for and do it quickly.


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