War In Ukraine..In The End Israel’s Safety Will Be Sacrificed


Putin has repeatedly said that the sanctioned concerning any and all dealings with Iran must be taken off the table.
When we hear that a diplomatic solution is the only way out of this mess We worry that Israel will become the international Scape Goat.
This will allowing Putin to rear his ugly head as power broker in the Middle East.
The sanctions must remain intact.
Putin has enlisted Syrian Jet fighter pilots and Assassins from Chechnya to come to The Ukraine to do his dirty work.. Nothing is off the table with these Chechnya fighters 
They will literally butcher the civilian population no holds barred.

Time for Biden to Sh-t or get off the pot.Emplement a no fly zone ..send on NATO troops ..stop the Russian convoy on it’s 40 mile trek into the Ukraine.As nearly Two Million Refugees crossing over into

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