Trump If Elected Will Not Be Good For Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ...

Donald Trump came into his own with the Koch administration.

When you hear Trump on a one on one interview you can immediately spot his intelligence however there is another persona which he takes on when he speaks in front of a crowd at any of his rallys there he morphs into a rable rouser mode attracting the worst eliminates of the Republican part voters.At these rallys we see the fringe section if the Party.


Here in the states the press never actually let the public see Trump’s Mid East Peace Plan.

It is a prescription for a short lived Israel as soon as it get implemented.

Yes Israel must maintain an undivided Jerusalem.

Remember whenTrump’ said in his own words there will be a heavy price to pay.

The price to pay is a Palestinian Arab state complete with them having their own army.If signed by All the party’s .. It Is A Prescription For The Elimination of Israel within that same year.

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner being the architect of this travesty.We can only be describe it as a True Shanda

The Palestinian Arab leadership signed on to OSLO that should be it.. nothing more.Even that was to much.

We here at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD Strongly believes that Trump not getting Jewish voters to rally to him at the ballot box we may see a totally different Trump when it comes to any future support of Israel.

American Jews once thought of as smart no longer have that distinction.We say this as they have sucumbed to Palestinian Arab Propaganda.We say this with a heavy heart and as members of the tribe.

We will give an early endorsement to Florida Governor Ron Desantis .We worry that if elected he may extract a revenge of sorts for his lack of American Jewish support..

Pundits say that we are fair weather friends for doing this and basically not loyal.On the contrary all what we are doing is basically giving a back room advice to the Republican voting public ..The same that Political advisors such as the likes of a James Carvelle would say but our clients so to speak are the voting public at large.

So in closing We will say Trump was right on all most if not all issues but can only bring the party it him or Donald Jr.on the ticket.

Let him exit a Champ instead if a Chump and be a King Maker..


We Don’t Blame People For Wanting To Stay On The Dole



Why should anyone want to give up collecting unemployment insurance to go to work for 40 hours a week and make the same amount? To make matters worse workers are only hires at a 37 1/2 hour work week which means no benefits.For a measly 2 1/2 less hours a week employers can keep any and all benefit package from them ..that means no hospitalizations..paid holiday,vacation time. The Insurance industry lobbies the state legislature’s around the nation.If you’re are new driver even if your not but haven’t owned a car in just 3 months you go into assigned Risk…That means $3,000 to $10,000 a year for 3 years..

Why would anyone want to take 2 Buses a day to work maybe 4  2 up and back to work and home a day.

On those entry level jobs how can one save up for a car plus pay the tariff for insuring the automobile? How can anyone ever  save up to be head of household and rent their own apartment..even a studio apartment which years back it was referred to as a Bachelor’s apt.How can anyone sock away a few bucks for auto repairs or a future car when the cluncker that they bought dies out?

This is never addressed in any mainstream media outlet ..Well your hearing it here.Who whould be stupid to trade we sitting on your rear end all day for a thankless week of Toil? Plus as an added bonus those who choose to remain collecting in mosr cases will collect at least double from the wage amount that their former employer paid them..end

No one will see any semblance of the American Dream .Why break your back for a no advancement in salary or position job

*Dole originally a small stipend that was given to Striking English Coal Miner’s  today a euphemism for any government free money handout for not working


Biden Intended To Give Big Cash Payouts To Those Who Were Separated At The Border

Whould You Subject your Children To This? What kind Of

What kind of parents place their children on an illegal Caravan to sneak across the Border unexcorted.

Well tell you very irresponsible ones that’s who.

Biden was Poised to reward those parents big payout in the tune  of perhaps a half million each.unexcorted.Just who is going to pay for this giveaway?

The American working stiff
and as things go not to many left.


They are struggling to make ends meet.

Young people today can’t afford to get auto insurance and a car or an apartment of their own.
They don’t have Two nickels to run together to make a dime but they will get nothing but more payroll tax taken out each week.

Begginer Entry level  workers can not afford a car especially the Auto insurance as an assigned risk driver status whocjcn be in excess of $10,000  a year.

Plus they are are not making a living wage to be on their own as head of household.

President Biden put  the breaks on this giveaway but you can bet the farm that it most likely will get the greenlight once all this clammer dies down.


This  Giveaway must never happen ..Call or Write your representative today and voice your disapproval of this plan.


Beware Many Cultures And Religions Will Be Sacrificed To Make Way For The New World Order



  Jews ,Christians and nearly every other major religion will be on the chopping block to make way for the new world order..That is what these Globalist are thriving for.
   Although we don’t like it that is the path that the globalist are Pushing.
As we in America are seeing 20 to 30 thousand immigrants being airlifted Nationwide in 50 years there will be no more white people no more Christians or Jews..How this is being accomplished all over the world.
It has gotten it’s foot in the door by forcing every single nation on Earth getting together to fight the climate change and Covid.
It has opened the door just enough that these agitators, Rable Rousers and Mal Contents to get their foot in the door. 
What they are thriving for is one world wide race and religion..and they don’t care one iota which ethnic/religious groups have to be sacrificed to obtain their goal. 
The UN..will eventually become the Head honcho in governing the entire planet Earth’.. This is being brought about by the world wide COVID Pandemic and climate change.Bottom line do not hand over your nations sovereignty to the U.N.ever. 


Trump Got A Raw Deal.. All The Negativity Surrounding Him Was Mostly False And Unwarranted But Nonetheless He Should Step Aside



He Most Probably Will Not Pick Up Any New Adherents Or Win Over Any New Friends Or Influence New Voters In The Republican Corner..That You Can Bet The Farm On.Republicans Need A Conservation Candidate With Basically The Same Views But Lacking All The Negative Baggage Also Ron Desantis Or A Niki Halley.
Trump Has always Been A Very Intelligent Fellow..When You See Him On The Evening News Doing A One On One Interview Comes Across As Wise High IQ Individual..But At His Rally’s He takes on the Persona Of Cheap Two Bit Rabble Rouser..When Mocked A Reporter By Imitating His Disability Or Puting Down Rosey O ‘Donnell He Went For Short Term Cheap Laugh But Threw Away Long Term Respect.
He Should Never Cozied Up To Exstream Right-Winger sAnd Disavowed Any And All Of These Low Life’s But in His Quest For More Votes He Played Noth Ends To The Middle Throwing Away The His Political Future.
While We May Come Across Disloyal To Trump America Can No Longer Survive Under The New Socialist Leaning Party Of The Democrat Party And We Must Move On Quickly And Go Forward
However if Ron Desantis Or Niki Halley Run Republicans Will Retake The White House
This Rid and the top secret files raise a many eyebrows.Leys her Trump’s side before passing any Negative judgment on him.
Those Top secret nuclear files  that was found at his estate will be the determining litmus test whether he is a subversive or True Patriot. This are very troublesome.Lets give him the be fit of the doubt.
Having said that those extreme right wing crowd at his Rally’s along with the jan.6 ensurectton make him very vulnerable and unelectable.Let him be a king maker of sorts and step aside passing the baton to Ron Desantis who has the backing and blessing of the Republican leadership. 


Pro Life Stance Will Be Republicans Downfall At The Ballot Box

The Pro Life Stance Will Be The Republican Downfall At The ballot Box.

No one is proud when they get an abortion.. Those Who Are Must Be Psych Patients.

While We Abhore Abortion for birth control Purposes we’ll say let those who intend to use it as such to buy a condom,birth control pill, an intro uterus device, practice rhythm or keep their knees together.

Having said that those who get one have it done quietly and secretive.They are not  pumping their chests out & busting every button on their vests when doing so..

You can bet your bottom dollar someone who personally are getting an abortion will never make the topic of conversation at any family dinner table.

Those Pro Lifers or Pro Choicers are not swaying anyone’s mind to their point of view..

All both sides bare doing is continuing to divide America and  bring about discord & further divisiveness in the Nation.

We don’t fault a couple carrying a down syndrome or Zika fetus for wanting one or victims of Rape or Incest but that’s their call . Although babies born of severe learning disabilities need massive amounts of training every Pro Life Politicians continue to vote down any and all aid package for these individuals.Yet they insist that you have them.

We say that Republicans must take the Hot Button Issue of Roe vs.Wade off their platform agenda and just move on.

In the end it’ll do them in & put their vote tally in the loss column
 Having said all of the above the only thing that Republicans Pushing and supporting this removal of Roe vs Wade will accomplish will wind up doing is to Galvanize Democrat voters


While Not Playing Devil’s Advocate However Repealing Roe the new bill allows abortion up to 15 weeks .. that’s nearly 4 months..if any women doesn’t know that she’s expecting by 15 weeks then just let her look at the spider webs on her box of Kotex

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