DeSantis Most Proberly Be On A National Ticket With Trump As His V.P. Pick

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It is our early opinion that  Governor Ron DeSantis will be picked as Trumps running mate in the 2024 Presidential Election.

While DeSantis’ popularly remains firm withen those Republicans in both houses of Congress he has littoe to no support on a national basis..that distinction gies hands down to Trump.

By Trump adding DeSantis to the ticket puts a lock on Republican Party support that he lacks otherwise with a different candidate.

The only opsticle is perhaps that both are Floridians.

We heard that Trump has a New Jersey and New York residence that he can implement at any time so this is not a hurdle at all.

Florida Democrat Party leadership would like nothing more than to see DeSantis. ride into D.C. and budding a fond farewell to the Sunshine State.

Truth if the matter is all homeowners in Florida are virtually up in arms with DeSantis over his basicallt what many call his capitulation to the insurance industry on homeownership insurance.

Many Florida homeowners are going bare without any insuring their homes which is basically $6 ,000 for a $200,000 home ans tgat figure increases proportionally as the properly value goes up.

If a hurricane or a natural disaster occurs and lets say rips the roof right off of tg2e houses good bye life savings

The. DeSantis signed Florida Insurance Bull is the only “ABORTION” that gets DeSantis approval.

We predict that Florida Democrat party big wigs will lay low on supporting any Democrat Party nominee as to insure DeSantis and any Republican leadership in Tallahassee.

Florida in our estimation will become tve nations bigest welfare state in tve Union once Democrats control the Governors mansion.

As we said in previous posts defunted vacant golf courses with dot the entite Florida East Coast will be plowed over the make way for low cost housing .Each 2 acres?oer hole inclusing fareway a greena can accomadate minihm of 600 rental units times 18 holes will mane way for up to at least 15 to 20,000 multipy that by minimum of 4 people per households and that will add 80, 000 People to each former golf course

How will the state pay fir a this and the added Schools needed with this massive undertaking? Exspect seniors will kiss goodbye their property tax abatement and workers should most proberly welcome a new state income tax on wages

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