Did Elvis Have A Large Jaw Resembling That Of The Hadsburg Dynasty

Elvis under went plastic surgery early on on his career..He was part of a legendary studio Recording Group consisting of Johnny Cash..Jerry Lee Lewis Carl Perkins and Himself on Sun Records.
Originally the nod to become Mr.Rock & Roll.was slated to go to Carl Perkins.Infortunatly for Carl Perkins he was on an Aciddent and broke both Arms so Elvis was taped to replace him
Elvis had a Nose Job plus had all his teeth capped and we suspect perhaps even more.Hair was dyed looks like his was straightened as well.
We believe the reason for the long side urns was to distract from his elongated Jaw.He seems to have had his bottom lip shortened.However with all that was done his onlingated jaw since it couldn’t be undone.This is the true reason firvtheing sideburns to take away any focus on his ling Jaw..

Below Elvis Before Plastic Surgery

Pose After Plastic Surgery Notice His Chin Tucked To Hide Jaw
Here is a short clip from the Dorsey Brothers Show a year before he is famous debut on The Ed Sullivan Show I’m 1956 As one can clearly see he was matinee idle.
We neither own or have the rights to it but display it for entertainment purposes only and we make no profit from it’s showing..

His jaw was very big sort of like Jay Leno’s or

Drew Barrymore’s

and Tommy James of Tommy James as in The Shondell fame
We’ve only noticed this lately but when ever Elvis was Photographed or filmed the viewing audience always saw him straight on direct Center never Profile or Semi profile and When it did come to a profile shot his jaw was shadowed by the photographer as to mask the depth of his Jaw

Elvis Presley | NBC / Contributor

When he was on stage he was always featured wearing a large cape to Hide his big jaw.
Watch his old movies and clips and see for yourself.*
A Habsburg jaw is a specific facial deformity that is marked by a very elongated and prominent lower jaw. Joseph I, Charles I of Spain, Leopold Wilhelm and Charles II all had it. Nine successive generations of the Habsburg family had this pronounced jawline, which is why it came to be known as the Habburg Jaw


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