Trump If Elected Will Not Be Good For Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ...

Donald Trump came into his own with the Koch administration.

When you hear Trump on a one on one interview you can immediately spot his intelligence however there is another persona which he takes on when he speaks in front of a crowd at any of his rallys there he morphs into a rable rouser mode attracting the worst eliminates of the Republican part voters.At these rallys we see the fringe section if the Party.


Here in the states the press never actually let the public see Trump’s Mid East Peace Plan.

It is a prescription for a short lived Israel as soon as it get implemented.

Yes Israel must maintain an undivided Jerusalem.

Remember whenTrump’ said in his own words there will be a heavy price to pay.

The price to pay is a Palestinian Arab state complete with them having their own army.If signed by All the party’s .. It Is A Prescription For The Elimination of Israel within that same year.

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner being the architect of this travesty.We can only be describe it as a True Shanda

The Palestinian Arab leadership signed on to OSLO that should be it.. nothing more.Even that was to much.

We here at the INTERNATIONAL HEROLD Strongly believes that Trump not getting Jewish voters to rally to him at the ballot box we may see a totally different Trump when it comes to any future support of Israel.

American Jews once thought of as smart no longer have that distinction.We say this as they have sucumbed to Palestinian Arab Propaganda.We say this with a heavy heart and as members of the tribe.

We will give an early endorsement to Florida Governor Ron Desantis .We worry that if elected he may extract a revenge of sorts for his lack of American Jewish support..

Pundits say that we are fair weather friends for doing this and basically not loyal.On the contrary all what we are doing is basically giving a back room advice to the Republican voting public ..The same that Political advisors such as the likes of a James Carvelle would say but our clients so to speak are the voting public at large.

So in closing We will say Trump was right on all most if not all issues but can only bring the party it him or Donald Jr.on the ticket.

Let him exit a Champ instead if a Chump and be a King Maker..


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