Do Not Buy Gold Or Silver Coins As An Investment

Do Not Buy Gold Or Silver Coins As An Investment.All it amounts to is a very expensive  Kennedy Half  or Eisenhower Dollar..Many people horded and saved the Kennedy Halves or Eisenhower Dollar s only to discover that after 50 years it was worth basically no more than the actual currency face value 

Forget about William Devane saying he puts his saving into gold Put your’s in The Bank.

If the U.S Dollar goes under so does the G7 nations as well.

After WW11 in Italy People had wheel barrels of devalued valued money repeating what had happened as in Germany as in 1917 . Fortunately for Italy they had U.S. investors to pump fresh money back into their monitary system..

Those Horded Gold Coins Will do absolutely nothing for you ..To  quote an old out dated expression “That and  15¢ will get you on the subway”

Many people in need of of cash used these Kennedy Halves and Eisenhower Dollars to buy cigarettes and other personal items when financial  times were not going good.. Proved to be the wise move.

Bottom line do not buy or save these Gold and Silver coins ever! 



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